Seeking Great Prices on Internet Website Hosting

I am looking for great prices on internet website hosting, because I need to get a website put up on the internet in the near future on a limited budget. As such, I am looking for a hostgator coupon to help me get a discounted rate for the hosting plans that they have listed on their website. I think that I will only need the most basic internet hosting package they offer, because I definitely do not need anything too special. For example, I have no needs for having multiple domains at this point in time, and although I readily grant that things can change in unforeseeable ways, I do not anticipate having a need for multiple domains at any point in the future.

I need to have some dedicated hosting set up for the website though, and I am hoping that I can also purchase dedicated server space from this website. I wonder if I will be able to find any sort of discount on that service as well, or if it will only apply to the website hosting that I intend to buy. I guess I should try to figure that out, and maybe write an email or two to seek clarification on the subject. Regardless, I need to make sure that I do not spend very much money on these services on a monthly basis, because I do not want this to cut into the bottom line by very much. The site says that they offer unlimited bandwidth with the hosting, so that is definitely a plus. I was going to try to figure that out earlier, but I was happy to find that the information was readily available on the front page. Anyway, I need to talk to my boss before I purchase the hosting.