Most Comfortable Sleeping for Campers

Man Holding Pink Air Mattress at Beach [42-16852170]  Stock Photos ...It seems like different campers have different views on this. My wife likes to have a folding cot, so that she is up off the ground. Of course that only works if you are camping near the place you parked your car. It is just not very practical to go on a serious hike with one of those things on your back. Of course Anne Marie does not see it as a huge problem, because she will try to get me to carry it for her. I like to get the best air mattress I can find and a good foot pump. You can get battery powered pumps just as easily, but then you are carrying around a couple of pounds of batteries and they may not have enough power for the whole trip. A foot pump rarely breaks, it is rather light and you can pretty much inflate an air mattress in the same amount of time.