I Needed Access to My Son’s Account

My son was a social media nut. He loved to post pictures of himself and family, and he enjoyed taking pictures of everyone too. When he was killed in a car accident a few months ago, I was devastated when I could not remember the password for his Snapchat account. He had given it to me, but I must have tossed it when I cleaned out my drawer. I wanted to get info on how to hack into someones Snapchat account because there were just so many pictures there that I would not have access to otherwise.

I didn’t feel bad for doing this because I knew that he would want me to have access to these pictures. Like I said, I had the password at one time, so I knew there was nothing there that he would not want me to see. I just wanted to be able to see pictures that his friends had taken of him as well as pictures that he had taken of family and friends. I didn’t want to have to download anything because he had told me so many times to be careful on what I download, thanks to a virus that I accidentally downloaded a few years ago.

I didn’t want to do anything that was going to harm my computer or his Snapchat account, which is why I did a search to find the best way to do this. I was so thankful when I found a site that gave me all the information that I needed in order to regain access to his account. It would not give me his password, but it would let me see all of the pictures that he not only put there but that his friends put there for him too. This gave me a connection to my son that I thought was lost forever!