Been Down at My Buddy’s Beach House

My buddy George lent us his beach house for the week, of course the guy is the king of the geeks and he has this house set up with all sorts of gadgets and such. He pretty much taught it who me and Beth were before we left our house and when we got there the gate opened up for us. It was tracking us on a little app on my smart phone apparently. I knew a bit about this stuff, I tried some of the home automation kit that z-wave australia has for sale and it is quite useful for specific purposes. For instance you can have the house learn to cool things down only when you need it to be cool and let it get warm or cold when no one is a foot to care about the place being comfortable. Of course George has to go far beyond what is really sensible and I suspect that he spent a great deal of money on these system that he will never be able to recoup.

At some point it stops being a logical proposition to be honest about it. You can get a house with a clever energy saving system, that is perfectly sensible and it saves you money. You can get the house to be a bit more convenient to live in, with keyless entry pads for example. That is quite fine and it is really nice not to have to worry about having your key. Keys are often lost after all. I suppose a clever thief might defeat one of them, but George went and had some sort of system installed so that the house was able to recognize me. I guess it is done with facial recognition software. Or perhaps it just has to know my smart phone instead.