Mobile Internet Does Not Have to Be Expensive


I do a lot of different things online. I live pretty far from most of my family and friends, so I use different online features to stay in touch with all of them. Because I do use my phone a good bit when accessing the Internet, I learned early on that I definitely needed an unlimited data plan. Before researching the various plans, I just kept what I had before I moved, which turned out to be a very expensive mistake. I went from using very little data in a month to using a good bit more than my plan allowed at the time.

I paid my bill without complaining too much, but I knew that I was going to start looking around for a better plan. I did not want to spend more than I had to on a better plan, and I also did not want to have to use the Internet less on my phone simply because of price. I knew that there had to be a happy medium out there, and I wasn’t wrong. It actually did not take me long to find a great unlimited data plan on Three, and I have been using it ever since.

There are some really neat things that come with the data plan that I got. The first is that I am able to get 4G without paying extra for it. I am able to text my friends and family as much as I want because there is no limit on the texts I can send and receive. I am able to go abroad without worrying about going over or paying more because roaming charges are free. When I got my first bill after switching, I was extremely happy with what I saw. I was not about to sacrifice my online time with family and friends, and I am really glad I didn’t have to sacrifice a lot of money either!

I Needed Access to My Son’s Account

My son was a social media nut. He loved to post pictures of himself and family, and he enjoyed taking pictures of everyone too. When he was killed in a car accident a few months ago, I was devastated when I could not remember the password for his Snapchat account. He had given it to me, but I must have tossed it when I cleaned out my drawer. I wanted to get info on how to hack into someones Snapchat account because there were just so many pictures there that I would not have access to otherwise. Continue reading

Led Lighting Solutions for Home

I do not like the lighting in my house, and there are a few reasons for that. One of the biggest reasons that I am not happy with it, is that the lighting is not very efficient. I am still using incandescent bulbs for the most part, even though they generate more heat than light. I do not know what to do about this situation, but I have a couple of ideas. I am looking into ai ledlight right now, as a good solution for my house.

I just don’t know how much it is going to cost to switch out all of the lights with the lights provided by this company. I guess that i am not super worried about it, since LED lights are much more efficient than other types of lights, and over the long run, they are bound to pay themselves over the long run.

Is Privacy Possible in 2014

Ever since Internet hero Edward Snowden released classified documents detailing the extent of the United States’ spying program as done by the National Security Association (NSA), Internet users and politicians across the globe have begun looking into methods that they might be able to keep their data and their lives more secure and away from the prying eyes of spies. While this might be easier said than done, there are some steps that an individual can take to help improve their odds. Personally, I find that using a high quality vpn service is an easy step forward if you have concerns that you might be a victim of espionage. I have been using a VPN, or virtual private network, service for several years now just to avoid unwanted tracking done on the web by third party corporations, advertisers and cookies that seek to target me for ad-specific advertising and other unwanted web experiences.

Of course, using a virtual private network is just one of many, many ways that you can help ensure your privacy.

Saving the Great Home Network

Hay Day Cheats Ipad--Iphone-Ipod-Hacks, Get Unlimited Diamonds and ...We have a nice sized network saved in my house that all connects to the wireless router. I knew that it was going to be important to make sure that we had it secured with the different computer anti virus software that they sold in the computer stores. I wanted to go and look at the hay day hack tool that I heard a lot of people liked to down load and it was one of the best things that we could do. Speaking with people was very important with me as I wanted to speak with them about the different things that we could do with home network safety. My friends had a lot of things that they used at home and they said that they never had a problem with a breach into security.

Been Down at My Buddy’s Beach House

My buddy George lent us his beach house for the week, of course the guy is the king of the geeks and he has this house set up with all sorts of gadgets and such. He pretty much taught it who me and Beth were before we left our house and when we got there the gate opened up for us. It was tracking us on a little app on my smart phone apparently. I knew a bit about this stuff, I tried some of the home automation kit that z-wave australia has for sale and it is quite useful for specific purposes. Continue reading

I Am Feeling Better Overall

I went to the doctor a few times because of how poorly I was feeling, but he could never find anything wrong. He told me that the best thing to do since my labs came back good was to change my diet to a healthier one. I was desperate to feel better, so I decided to follow his advice. When I was looking for tips on how to do that, I came across a website that was promoting solpria. The more I read about it, the more I realized that I was meant to be on that page.

A lot of the distressing symptoms I had been feeling were described, and they were all eliminated thanks to the Solpria supplement. It is made with natural ingredients, and each one does something great for people’s bodies. Whether it was to convert the foods I eat into the glucose my body needs or something that will speed up my metabolism, each one had an important role.

I Could See a Change in My Life

Miracle Garcinia Cambogia - 100% Natural IngredientsI have tried every diet in the world, and I think I have tried nearly every pill there is that promotes weight loss. None of them worked for me though. I might lose some weight for a short period of time, but I would always gain it right back. I was tired of the cycle, but I wasn’t sure how to stop it. When a friend suggested I try zyloslim, I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. I had already tried so many different things with no real success.

She showed me a picture of her cousin though, and that is all it took for me to change my attitude about trying it. The last time I saw her cousin, she was bigger than me.

Harmony and Balance Between Body and Mind

Colon Pure Cleanse Diet | Weight Loss In A BottleWhen I got sick last year, I realized how much I had allowed my general state of health to deteriorate. I had been working at home which was making me a pretty lazy guy. I had stopped exercising completely while at the same time eating out nearly every day, ordering pizzas on the days that I didn’t go out for fast food. It was awful but somehow I had simply allowed it to spiral out of control. I knew I had to take back that control, starting with pure life cleanse. Before allowing myself to turn into this mess of a person, I used to detox quite regularly. I find that detoxing is a great way to start anew.

Cheap Prices on DIY Solar Panels

Solar Power 300x180My wife and I have decided that we are going to put forth a concerted effort to try to be green in the future. I know that it is going to be difficult to do as good of a job at being green, as I would like. However, I think that we can pull it off, and I am going to try to do my best, and one of the first things that I would like to look into, is getting solar panels. I want to learn about diy solar panel, because if it is possible, and feasible, then I would like to install solar panels on the roof of my houe myself.

I do not really want to get a contractor involved in the process, because I know that will cost me a lot more.

Learning About Optical Assembly of Photography Lenses

As a photography buff I have been gaining an interest in optical assembly of lenses. I was out photographing wildlife with a rented lens. It was a 600 millimeter lens that really brought the wildlife I was photographing in close for some really sharp images. The lens was fast. It had great light gathering capabilities that I would not be able to get on a cheaper lens. I rented it because the lens actually costs more new than what I paid for our used minivan!

The lens was big and heavy but very capable of letting me get tack sharp focus on the eyes of the birds I was photographing. I got some great shots of the various furry critters running around out in the woods too. The lens brought me in close even though I was a great distance away so as to not frighten the animals. Long lenses like this are the staple of most wildlife photographers. Sports photographers use them too.

I spent a lot of time looking at that big lens wondering how it was put together inside.

Cheap Energy Prices in Texas

I am moving out of my parent’s house, and I live in Texas. I am going to be moving into an apartment, and it is going to be the first apartment that I have ever owned. Obviously, it will also be the first time that I have ever had to pay for utilities, and that is why I want to start looking into my energy options. I have been looking at nrg company – reliant energy right now as a potential company to purchase my electricity from, once I have fully moved into the apartment that I am going to be renting.

However, I want to make sure that this company is going to offer me really low energy prices. Continue reading

Having the Power to Choose Your Power Company

The deregulation of the electrical power industry has had an effect in the states where this change has been made. Texas is one of the states where the power companies have been deregulated. What has that done for the average electric consumer? Well, the first thing it did was give them the power to choose their power provider. I know, it sounds kind of funny, but it is true. The way it was set up before, the customer had to pay whatever rate the local power company told them they had to pay. Now, the power customer can shop around for the best price or other features desired.

The power generation grid in the United States is made up of a whole bunch of power generation facilities both big and small. There are coal-fired, nuclear, wind, solar and hydroelectric power generation facilities spread out over this nation. The wires that carry this electricity along with all of the switching equipment form a power grid. All of the power companies feed electricity into the grid at varying rates at different times. The electric meters on the houses and businesses let the companies know how much electricity each customer is using. Continue reading

Looking for a Job on the Oil Rigs

I was listening to the radio in my Dad’s truck the other day and a song came on the radio, Corpus Christi Bay by Robert Earl Keen. Of course it is only on the radio because he has the satellite radio in his truck and he is a big fan of songwriters like Keen, Guy Rodgers and Townes Van Zandt. He and I started talked about working on the oil rigs, because we both knew that there were jobs to be found from texas energy companies. He knows quite a few guys who are involved in various aspects of the oil industry.

Call Support Center in the Comfort of Your Home

It’s only been a couple of months since I decided that I would start working from home but t has been totally worth it! Being able to work from home has given me the freedom and flexibility that I have been looking for for a long time now. I’ve never been someone who fit in well to a corporate infrastructure or atmosphere. I don’t know what it is about the places that manage to set off my anxiety but every time I have ended up working in one it happens. Now I work in a technical support call center that is completely done through my house! I’m just part of a larger team that is at work, helping out Comcast with their ‘Beltway’ selection of customers, which is one of the busiest that our company deals with! I enjoy the fast paced atmosphere but still being able to stay comfortable at home. If I had to work in a normal call support center environment, I certainly wouldn’t have lasted as long as I have this way.

Being able to work from the comfort of your home is a great way to allow employee’s to cope with a job as stressful as this. I firmly believe there are simply some environment that humans are not meant to work in and a call center of any sort is one of them. While we are definitely an adaptive creature, it doesn’t mean that we are going to flourish under certain conditions. I think a call center, for long periods of time, to be one of the unhealthier work environments. Transitioning it to the house allows the high stress nature of the work to be completed somewhere that is far more healthier on both the body and the mine. Being comfortable is highly important.

Best Survival Knife on the Market

I am going to be going on an extended camping trip in northern Minnesota in the near future. I am probably going to be gone for two or three weeks, I am not really sure. As such, it is really going to be like a true survival situation, and I want to make I am well prepared to address any sort of potential adversity while I am camping. One thing of extreme importance is that I buy the best survival knife that I possibly can.

I want to buy a knife that is going to be extremely functional, such that it will be well suited for a very wide range of different tasks. I will need the blade to be very sharp, and very durable as well. I need to figure out what the best type of material is for a survival knife.

No More Slow Internet Speeds

Satellite Internet Installation Process | ExedeFinding a good source for Internet has been easier than I thought it would have. I just scored my first place and unfortunately, Internet access around this area has been relatively poor thanks to my living out in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky! We haven’t the infrastructure for cable Internet just yet so most of us out in this area make due with DSL or even dial up connections which, as you can imagine, are awful! So I started to do my research and found which guided me in the direction I should have been going all along. I never considered satellite Internet before, despite having Satellite television.

Best Solutions for Waste Management Recycling

I work at an industrial plant and the owner would like to be able to reduce overhead in the future, and one of the main things we have been looking at in order to improve our bottom line in the near future. I am not sure what sort of system for waste management recycling would be best for a plant that is set up like ours, so I am going to try to do some research on the internet. I am not sure if I am the most qualified person who works at this plant to find out this information, but I am in administration and use a computer all day long, so it does make a bit of sense to have me do the research.

We are trying to be able to recycle some of what we would usually have to treat with our waste management protocols.

Most Economic Way to Get a New Smart Phone

So I have been thinking about what to do when the contract for my cell phone is up. Most important thing to me is to get the best phone that I shall be able to afford to have, but without getting tied up in some sort of contract that makes it so I am stuck with the same phone and the same provider for the next three or four years. I sort of think that I should get a phone and learn how to jailbreak it, but that is a bit of trouble to do and there are apparently risks involved in it right now. I do not really know that much about freeing phones from the restrictions that the cell phone makers and cell phone service providers impose upon them, but I certainly like it as an idea. I do not want the maker of my cell phone to tell me how I should be using it, that seems like it is not really any of their business.

How Apps Have Changed the World

Well, they have at least changed my world! When smart phones first started to hit the market, I grew very excited. I knew that one day we would shrink down our computers even further than a laptop or netbook size; once our phones started to become more complex and our chips smaller and more powerful, it just had to happen. Now, part-time, I help with the android app marketing for the small company that I work with. Apps are an amazing piece of innovation and I have found myself becoming more and more reliant on Apps than I have anything ever before. While my home PC is not the ‘best’ of machines, my phone has somehow become even better. It’s true that I have ignored upgrading my computer for three or four years but, even still, my phone which was half the price of my computer out performs my desktop regularly.

Helping Your Wallet out in These Dark Days

Dark days are ahead of us friends. Spring is around the corner and with the coming of the new season means that the tax man is afoot, skipping along merrily with wads of cash to throw around him or with slick fingers to snag the money from your wallet. What can you do to ensure that you will see more green and less zeros? With powerful financial and tax software such as quicken 2013, you will be on the right road to success rather than the road to groans of despair. I’ve been there and I have owed money to the federal government – it’s not a pleasant experience, to tell you the truth, and at the end of the day it’s better to be prepared for what you are going to owe rather than have it come at you unexpectedly. Quicken is a powerful suite of financial utilities that allows you a glimpse into the state of your financial affairs.

This is the sort of view that most people need to get their affairs in order.

The Importance of Installing the Proper Ventilation Systems

In a modern building, there are many important factors to consider during the construction process. You have to think about many different elements of construction, including the electrical and mechanical systems, the plumbing, the heating and cooling, and many other aspects. One important aspect that you must think carefully about is what sort of ventilation systems you will need. Different buildings require different kinds of ventilation, and choosing the wrong kind could cause you a lot of problems further down the road. By making the right choice during construction, you can avoid running into difficulties that can cost you a lot to repair.

If you are looking at renting a building, you also need to think about ventilation. Older buildings may not have the proper kind of ventilation, so choosing such a building might require expensive repairs and upgrades. A more recently constructed building might have the right kind of ventilation, so even if the cost was a bit higher, you might end up saving money since you would not have to have new ventilation installed. In many cases, it is better to pay a bit more up front and avoid having to incur costly expenses later on.

This is why it is always important to make sure that you thoroughly inspect a building before leasing or purchasing it. In the long run, you will save a lot of money by identifying any problem areas immediately, rather than finding out about them weeks or even months after you have moved in and started using the building. It is always easier to fix a problem before you have started working in the building. If you have to make repairs later on, you will end up costing yourself money, since you will have to stop your operations and move out of the building to fix the problems.

Protecting and Easily Accessing My Work

The carbonite offer is definitely something that should be taken advantage of. If you are looking for a place to store your important files from your computer, this is the deal that should be used to try this service out.

I was not sure that it was going to work out for me, but decided to give it a try anyway. I wanted to find a way to store my important files for work and be able to gain access to them from both work and home. I also wanted to be able to access them while I was traveling for work. I spend about half of my year on the road going around to different establishments and places that have aquatic animals on their properties. I am lucky enough to be able to inspect these places to be sure that they are caring for the animals in the best way possible.

Since I am out of the office so much and have to rely on my laptop to turn in much of the documentation that I make, I have to be sure that I am not going to lose the work that I have done and be able to access work that I have done in the past when I need to.

Cloud storage seemed to be the best method for me to be able to do this. It would help me protect my files from being lost if I was to lose or break my laptop while on the road and would make it easy for my boss to gain access to the work that I have done as I am doing it.

I have really found it to be quite helpful over the past several months and will continue to use it for both easy access and the protection of my work.

Using Cloud Storage for Work

A friend of mine told me about the carbonite offer code that she used to get a great discount on cloud storage for all of her documents and file s that she stores on her computer. She told me how great it is to be able to gain access to her files that she uses for work while she is at home or on the road.

She has a really great job in which she gets to travel all over the country and see so many different places. She even gets to spend months on end on a ship in the middle of the ocean researching different aquatic animals.

Switching to a DSL Internet Provider in the Near Future

Winegard WX1800 auto-deploy mobile satellite Internet systemI want to switch to dsl internet in the near future, because my cable internet service provider really isn’t living up to my expectations. Additionally, their customer service has been less than stellar, and I guess that is one of the major reasons why I finally decided that I would switch to something else. I guess that they are the only cable provider in the area, so I am going to switch to DSL, and I want to find providers that offer great internet service at a cheap or, at least, reasonable price.

I guess I am going to start looking around on the internet to find out what sort of deals are available in this area. I might want to look into a package that would get me a home phone and a DSL internet connection in the same contract from the same company.

Finding Ways to Save Money on Science and Technology

I have sort of become a bit obsessed with saving money lately. As someone who is obsessed with science and technology, I am always searching for the best deals on the newest gadgets and tech.I only look for coupons on the things that I really need and I am looking to make my purchases work as part of a big picture plan. It does not serve me well to find an easy cash code for twin peak profits that I neither need nor want. At the same time it is silly to burn up 20 dollars worth of gas so that you can save 40 cents on something. It is a lot harder to do it when you are looking at every little thing as one small piece of a big puzzle, but that is what it should be seen as. I think the axiom is penny wise and pound foolish. My objective is to be wise about the cents and the dollars, so that at the end of the day I am saving money.

One of the big things I have been trying to do is to be disciplined about shopping. If I go to one of the discount warehouses I have a hard time resisting some of the deals, even when I do not need whatever it is. I have been freezing things that I get from Sam’s Club however. For instance the last time I was there I bought a huge bag of shredded cheddar cheese, when I needed only a fraction of it. So instead of allowing it to go bad, I took it and put it into some plastic baggies and then put the baggies into a freezer safe container. The other day I realized that I had used all of the first bag on tacos, so instead of going to the store I took out a new bag. It saved me a trip and the gas money. That is what I am trying to accomplish.

Save Money on Your Online Backup Solutions

Anyone who has used a computer for any length of time should understand the importance of regularly backing up their important files and documents. Too many people have horror stories of hard disk crashes that destroyed important or irreplaceable files. However, no one wants to have to spend hours each week manually backing up their files onto CDs or flash drives. The easiest solution is to use an online backup service. With a carbonite code, you can save money by choosing this online service to protect your files. For just a few dollars, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is securely backed up on a remote server.

Online backup solutions are more reliable than a local backup because your files are not stored in a single location. This way, they are less vulnerable. If, on the other hand, you just back up your files onto an external hard drive or a USB drive that you keep at home, you could still lose your files should something happen to your home, such as a fire or natural disaster. By keeping your backups far away from your actual PC, you reduce the chances of losing important data.

Online backups are also more convenient, because they can be scheduled to run automatically. Your backup program can just run in the background while you use your computer. As soon as any changes are made to your files, the backup program will detect this and immediately back up the new files. You can even set your program to run at a time when you are not actively using your computer, such as at night or while you are at work. This way, the backup process will not slow down your use of the computer. Online backups also offer a huge amount of storage, so you do not have to worry about running out of room.

Seeking Great Prices on Internet Website Hosting

I am looking for great prices on internet website hosting, because I need to get a website put up on the internet in the near future on a limited budget. As such, I am looking for a hostgator coupon to help me get a discounted rate for the hosting plans that they have listed on their website. I think that I will only need the most basic internet hosting package they offer, because I definitely do not need anything too special. For example, I have no needs for having multiple domains at this point in time, and although I readily grant that things can change in unforeseeable ways, I do not anticipate having a need for multiple domains at any point in the future.

I need to have some dedicated hosting set up for the website though, and I am hoping that I can also purchase dedicated server space from this website. I wonder if I will be able to find any sort of discount on that service as well, or if it will only apply to the website hosting that I intend to buy. I guess I should try to figure that out, and maybe write an email or two to seek clarification on the subject. Regardless, I need to make sure that I do not spend very much money on these services on a monthly basis, because I do not want this to cut into the bottom line by very much. The site says that they offer unlimited bandwidth with the hosting, so that is definitely a plus. I was going to try to figure that out earlier, but I was happy to find that the information was readily available on the front page. Anyway, I need to talk to my boss before I purchase the hosting.

Most Comfortable Sleeping for Campers

Man Holding Pink Air Mattress at Beach [42-16852170]  Stock Photos ...It seems like different campers have different views on this. My wife likes to have a folding cot, so that she is up off the ground. Of course that only works if you are camping near the place you parked your car. It is just not very practical to go on a serious hike with one of those things on your back. Of course Anne Marie does not see it as a huge problem, because she will try to get me to carry it for her. I like to get the best air mattress I can find and a good foot pump. You can get battery powered pumps just as easily, but then you are carrying around a couple of pounds of batteries and they may not have enough power for the whole trip. A foot pump rarely breaks, it is rather light and you can pretty much inflate an air mattress in the same amount of time.


Welcome !

Thank you for visiting the OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE “One Ocean” Conference website. The conference was held in Washington, D.C. from September 18-23, 2005.

We have included links to some of the conference highlights and will be adding more information in the next few months. If you have already signed up for email updates, you will receive notification of new material. If you are not already signed up, you may still subscribe to our mailing list. And feel free to provide any comments that you have about the conference or send any photos that you would like to contribute (please note photo credit) to

The Marine Technology Society and the Oceanic Engineering Society of the IEEE present the Oceans Conference each year for the benefit of the global ocean community. Please see their sites for information about society activities and membership opportunities. For information about future conferences, see the OCEANS Conference main website.

We hope that you were among the over 2,000 attendees from nearly 40 nations who participated in over 250 events during a six-day program that included about 500 oral technical paper presentations, nearly 200 exhibit booths, 25 plenary presentations from senior leaders in Washington and throughout the community, 9 focus sessions that brought together those both familiar and unfamiliar with specific topics to engage dialogue, a wide range of tutorial sessions, special presentations from the Smithsonian Institution and National Geographic Society, a student poster competition with incredible entries, a broad spectrum of social events to encourage networking, and a first-ever Town Hall meeting on Friday morning that was the capstone event for the conference.

The conference also dedicated a special focus to education and outreach with a dynamic program that included a MATE/ROV demonstration, a full day of tutorial sessions for local educators, a plenary session on education, a presentation of the NOSB competition, a luncheon dedicated to education, a live career panel webcast for students, and the largest ever group of education-focused technical paper presentations.

The opening keynote address by Dr. David Sampson, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce, emphasized the vital role of the oceans in our global society. James Connaughton, Chairman of the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality in the Executive Office of President George W. Bush, provided the keynote address about the U.S. Ocean Action Plan during the “One Ocean” Banquet that included a special video welcome from Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Philippe Cousteau of EarthEcho International presented an encouraging challenge to all conference attendees on behalf of students and educators during the “One Ocean” Education Luncheon. Cristian Samper and Hans-Dieter Sues of the Smithsonian Institution presented plans for the Smithsonian Ocean Science Initiative and the new Ocean Hall, which is currently under construction in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and will provide an incredible advance in ocean education and outreach worldwide. Emory Kristof and Greg Marshall from National Geographic presented their cutting-edge developments with underwater photography/videography and Crittercam, respectively, that are rapidly advancing our scientific knowledge of underwater events and animal behavior that previously we could only imagine.

The conference presented four plenary sessions: Maritime Homeland Security; Monitoring Ocean Resources and Health; Ecosystem Management; and Education, Literacy, and Outreach; with insightful and poignant presentations from senior leaders in Washington and throughout the global community. These included Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher (NOAA), Dr. Lydia Thomas (Mitretek Systems), Rear Admiral David Kunkel (U.S. Coast Guard), Robert Winokur (U.S. Navy), Commander Clayton Diamond (U.S. Department of State), John Kreider (Oceaneering International), Dr. Jack Kaye (NASA), Dr. Alan Chave (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Vice Admiral Roger Rufe (Ocean Conservancy), Ambassador John Richardson (European Union Commission), Dr. Andrew Rosenberg (University of New Hampshire), Rear Admiral Richard West (Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education), Dr. David Evans (Smithsonian Institution), and Dr. Sylvia Earle (Deep Ocean Exploration and Research).

The program also included the new element of Focus Sessions, which brought together those both familiar and unfamiliar with specific topics to engage dialogue and develop future synergy. These included information about the reports of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission, U.S. Ocean Action Plan, European Commission Green Paper on Maritime Policy, Integrated Ocean Observing System, Research Directions for NOAA, Ocean Legislation of the U.S. Congress (search for “ocean”), Oceans and Human Health, the JOCARA Indian Ocean Quest, and the U.N. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s Criteria and Guidelines on the Transfer of Marine Technology.

The capstone event on Friday morning was a first-ever “One Ocean” Town Hall meeting with Admiral James Watkins (U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy) and Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher (NOAA) and moderators Dr. Richard Spinrad (NOAA) and Jim Rosebush (GrowthStrategy Inc.) on “Requirements, Actions, and Results.” They discussed the way ahead in the context of the “One Ocean” conference theme and held an engaging dialogue with conference attendees.

This session and the plenary presentations provided the foundation for the inaugural conference deliverable – The “One Ocean” Report Card – that will be issued in draft form within the next few months. This document will provide a short and concise roadmap of where we are and where we need to go in order to make a difference in the future of our global ocean and what we as members of ocean professional societies can contribute to achieve results. Please bear in mind it is not intended to be the end-all of all documents (we are neither that bold nor naïve), but rather to enhance and support the many important efforts that are in progress. However, we must keep the light shining on requirements, actions, and results.

OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE was a landmark event for the ocean community in bringing all of these elements together in one time and place, but it is also understood that the hard work for our One Ocean has just begun.

The “One Ocean” theme was chosen for this conference to recognize that our global ocean is not only in peril because of the direct actions of mankind, but it is also more tightly interwoven with the current state and future of our global society than most people even realize. Ocean issues of national security and terrorism, global commerce and transportation, food resources, jobs, mineral resources, discovery of new medicines, climate change, coastal stresses from population migrations, and many other challenges directly impact our day-to-day lives and the future for our children. We must engage the public and stress the necessity of maximizing our understanding of the ocean, balancing our use and stewardship, and looking forward with new and exciting science and technology to meet and overcome these challenges. It is time to transition from “consultants” to “resultants” and make a difference now for the future of our One Ocean. For a more in-depth discussion of “One Ocean,” please read the Soapbox article in the August 2005 edition of Sea Technology.

Our conference committee has now returned to their day jobs (yes, we are all volunteers), but in our spare moments, we are wrapping up the after-conference work that will include lessons learned for future conference committees and preparing the draft of The “One Ocean” Report Card discussed above. We welcome your comments about the conference and the future of our One Ocean. Contact about how you can participate in the future of our global ocean community.

Become a One Ocean Resultant. Make a difference.