Cheap Energy Prices in Texas

I am moving out of my parent’s house, and I live in Texas. I am going to be moving into an apartment, and it is going to be the first apartment that I have ever owned. Obviously, it will also be the first time that I have ever had to pay for utilities, and that is why I want to start looking into my energy options. I have been looking at nrg company – reliant energy right now as a potential company to purchase my electricity from, once I have fully moved into the apartment that I am going to be renting.

However, I want to make sure that this company is going to offer me really low energy prices. Continue reading

Having the Power to Choose Your Power Company

The deregulation of the electrical power industry has had an effect in the states where this change has been made. Texas is one of the states where the power companies have been deregulated. What has that done for the average electric consumer? Well, the first thing it did was give them the power to choose their power provider. I know, it sounds kind of funny, but it is true. The way it was set up before, the customer had to pay whatever rate the local power company told them they had to pay. Now, the power customer can shop around for the best price or other features desired.

The power generation grid in the United States is made up of a whole bunch of power generation facilities both big and small. There are coal-fired, nuclear, wind, solar and hydroelectric power generation facilities spread out over this nation. The wires that carry this electricity along with all of the switching equipment form a power grid. All of the power companies feed electricity into the grid at varying rates at different times. The electric meters on the houses and businesses let the companies know how much electricity each customer is using. Continue reading